Power in the control cabinet with KNX R4 and R8

More than just switching 

What do washing machines, fans in bathrooms, underfloor heating and many luminaires have in common? They are electrically switched and are therefore potential candidates for Automation.

The new KNX R4 and R8 actuators for loads up to 16 Ampere can do more than just switching. Set a switch-off delay in the KNX application, for example, to achieve a follow-up time for fans.

You can program a switch-off warning for the integrated staircase timer: Shortly before the light goes out, the current is briefly interrupted several times. This flashing indicates that it is about to go dark. The intervals can be set individually.
But KNX R4 and R8 are also the right choice when it comes to simply disconnecting devices in the smart home or machines in industry from the power supply temporarily and safely.
The devices are installed on DIN rails in the control cabinet and occupy 3 or 6 units.

KNX R4 16A
Actuator with 4 potential-free switching Outputs


KNX R8 16A
Actuator with 8 potential-free switching outputs

In the online shop you will find further technical information on the KNX actuators, such as data sheet, manual and KNX application.
Further KNX actuators in numerous variants are also available.

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