Adjust room temperature intuitively by touch

PLUS means warmer, MINUS cooler. Heating control can be that simple!

The KNX eTR 101 room temperature controller (go directly to the product details page) is intuitive and internationally understandable. This qualifies it not only for private residential buildings, but also for offices, public buildings and hotels with KNX building bus systems.

While the user interface convinces the user with its simplicity, the room temperature controller's KNX application offers extensive control functions.

KNX eTR 101 measures the temperature on site, regulates heating and, if necessary, cooling. Single and two-stage systems can be controlled.

All settings for PI control and operation are made in the KNX application. For example, you define the control mode, the connected system and target temperatures for the various operating modes. In addition, you select whether and which value is displayed on the KNX eTR 101: Current measured value, setpoint temperature or basic setpoint shift. By setting the manual setting range, you apply the "energy wastage brake".

The design language of the KNX eTR 101 matches current furnishing styles and the real glass surface is of high quality and durable. Mounting is also flexible, as it can be done via a box or directly on the wall. Thus, the KNX eTR 101 is suitable for many small and large projects.


In our online shop you will find further technical information on the KNX eTR 101 heating controller, for example data sheet, manual and KNX application.

KNX heating actuators with outputs for heating control and cooling control are also available.

made in germany