Presence Detector and Ambient Climate Sensor Intra-Sewi KNX

Have you already seen it at the spring fairs? – Now it is here: the ceiling mounted sensor Intra-Sewi KNX!

Genuine glass in jet black or signal white, functional and elegant lamella, only 5 mm installation hight: Intra-Sewi KNX combines restraint and elegance. For this is was awarded the Red Dot Award 2018.

The assembly is also practical. The sensor is easily mounted with spring clips in suspended ceilings or inserted into a standard accessory socket.

Choose the ideal sensor combination for your project from four models. Each variant integrates the appropriate KNX functions, such as temperature or ventilation control, mixed value calculation, actuating variable comparator and logic modules.

> Temperature Sensor Intra-Sewi KNX T

> Temperature and Humidity Sensor Intra-Sewi KNX TH

> Ambient Climate Sensor with Presence Detector Intra-Sewi KNX TH-Pr

> Presence Detector Intra-Sewi KNX Pr

made in germany