New KNX remote control for building technology

The new radio remote control Remo KNX for KNX RF has already received one of the coveted Red Dot Awards for high design quality.

Radio Remote Control Remo KNX

Due to the slimline design, the remote control fits well in the hand. Via the clearly arranged touch surface, it offers the possibility, for example, to dim lights, to position shadings or to adjust the room temperature individually. For even more comfort, you may also save scenes and recall them later on.

The radio remote control uses the radio standard KNX RF S. You can control 32 bus participants in the KNX system manually. Remo KNX is configured with the KNX software ETS 5. After the setup in the ETS you can rename and rearrange all radio channels via the touch display.

Remo KNX operates energy efficient: The display turns off when the device is not in use and is reactivated when it is picked up. You can charge the device with a standard smartphone charger.

Did you know? The Media Coupler KNX RF LC-TP coordinates the bidirectional data exchange between wire-connected and wireless KNX devices and forwards the telegrams. The media coupler is the basis of a system consisting of KNX TP and KNX RF.

made in germany