Lighting control according to presence and room brightness with Intra-Sewi KNX

Despite energy-efficient LED technology, presence-based lighting control is an energy-saving factor.

Especially in buildings that are used by many people, nobody usually feels responsible for switching off the lighting in the evening or during breaks. In private homes, on the other hand, the comfort factor of automatic lighting control comes to the fore. The Intra-Sewi KNX L-Pr presence detector with brightness sensor provides optimum lighting in all buildings with a KNX system around the clock! 

As the degree of automation increases, the room climate should also be included in the presence-related control system. Best without installing an additional sensor. Intra-Sewi KNX TH-L-Pr is the solution here! A thermometer and a humidity sensor are integrated in the housing. The one- or two-stage control of the heating (and if available also of the air conditioning system) is set individually in the application software. 

Intra-Sewi stands out from the crowd with a high-quality glass surface and an unusual slat element. Attractive design and concentrated functionality were awarded the Red Dot Award 2018 for product design. The sensor is available in timeless white or trendy black.

The installation of the Intra-Sewi is flexible: The device is either clamped in the suspended ceiling with springs or placed in a device box. 

Here you can find further information about Intra-Sewi KNX with light sensor.

made in germany