Light control with wireless dimmers

Elsner radio dimmers for 1-10 V and DALI lighting solutions


In the dark season of the year there is a growing need for lighting solutions that "bring the sun into the day" and positively influence our well-being. Now is therefore the best time to act and implement planned lighting concepts!

The two new Elsner radio dimmers for 1-10 V and DALI lighting solutions are perfect for those projects: RF-L-DST 1-10 V and the RF-L-DST DALI

With the wireless modules, the lighting can be conveniently controlled by remote or wireless pushbutton. All devices with Elsner radio protocol can be used for this: the Remo pro and Remo 8 remote controls, the Corlo P RF push-buttons and push-buttons with RF-B2-UP interface.

The dimmers are also suitable for all building controls with Elsner radio, for example for WS1000 Style, WS1 Style and Solexa II. The lighting is simply integrated into the control system via the radio dimmers.
This can also be done retrospectively!


RF-L-DST 1-10 V 

Radio dimmer for ballasts with 1-10 V input (Elsner RF radio protocol)



Radio dimmer for DALI light control (Elsner RF radio protocol)

The dimmers already score points during installation: The practical adapter plug housing is simply plugged in between the power supply cable and the ballast. It belongs to the "F-Con - Fast Connect by Elsner Elektronik" series.

made in germany