Light and Room Climate Control According to Presence and Brightness

with Mini-Sewi KNX

Mini-Sewi KNX

Surface-mounted devices are unbeatable in terms of their flexibility: The connection cable and two screws are all you need to install the Mini-Sewi KNX ceiling sensor. Due to its small size of only 51 mm diameter and 19 mm height, it is very unobtrusive. It is therefore suitable for living rooms as well as for offices or production facilities that are automated with the KNX building bus system.

Mini-Sewi KNX is available in several sensor combinations:

Mini-Sewi KNX TH-L-Pr

Presence Detector with Light and Room Climate Control

Mini-Sewi KNX TH-L-Pr unites all sensors and controllers that are necessary for an energy-efficient light control depending on presence and room brightness as well as for a comfortable  temperature and humidity control.

Mini-Sewi KNX L-Pr

Presence Detector with Light Control

The presence detector with brightness sensor controls light according to presence and room brightness.

Innen-Sensor für Temperatur, Feuchtigkeit und Präsenz


Mini-Sewi KNX TH

Room Climate Sensor with Temperature and Humidity Control

Mini-Sewi KNX TH captures and controls temperature and humidity. 

Mini-Sewi KNX T

Temperature Sensor and Control

The basic model measures and controls room temperature.

Innen-Sensor für Temperatur und Feuchtigkeit

In the online shop you will find more technical information about the Mini-Sewi KNX with presence/light sensor and room climate controller, such as data sheet and KNX application.

made in germany