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The new year starts with software updates for the Remo KNX RF remote control and the Cala Touch KNX room controller!


Remo KNX RF 2.0
Remote Control for KNX radio

Remo KNX RF is a radio remote control for the KNX building automation system. The building technology can thus be operated conveniently at the touch of a finger. With the new version 2.0, the user interfaces of the remote control become even more individual and convenient.

You can now also set RGB(W) values and colour temperatures for luminaires with corresponding functionality. Such value changes can be made in many spots using sliders. For example, when dimming, setting the temperature or positioning the shading.

The Remo KNX RF can now also be used for music or TV. A separate media page provides not only the appropriate control elements, but also title information. If you want to know what the house's sensors are currently measuring, you can now also display current values on the Remo KNX RF display.

Cala Touch KNX 
Room Controller for KNX

With the Cala Touch KNX room controller, you manage not only the temperature, sun protection and lighting, but also entire scenes. A heating controller and a biodynamic lighting controller (Human Centric Lighting) are included in the compact display.

New in version 3.0 are a weekly timer switches and information pages for displaying messages from the bus system. The operating pages for drives are now optimized for the display of sliders. For example, the curtain height and slat position of blinds can now be adjusted even more quickly and intuitively.

Further new details include status messages for heating, cooling and scenes. Indoor and outdoor temperature values from the bus system can be displayed as screen savers.

Have you noticed it? We have renamed the display "Cala" to "Cala Touch". This paves the way for the expansion to a series for 55 mm frames. Further devices in the Cala design are to follow in the next months.

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