Cala KNX Version 2.2: Level Up!

The Room controller Cala KNX measures temperature, humidity and CO2. Its touch display makes the operation of shading and light particularly easy. Our developers have been working diligently on an upgrade: Version 2.2 takes Cala KNX to a new level!

This is what you should know:

New operating and display pages:

  • Keep an eye on current values from the KNX system: The new universal display page offers four elements for the most important informations, such as weather data or the status of an alarm, tank filling etc.
  • Activate scenes with a single tap: Four scenes can be called up on the new scene page and saved.

New possibilities of lighting control

in smart homes or in objects:

  • Adjust RGB lighting: Change the red, green and blue value on the new RGB control page.
  • Adjust the lighting mood dynamically with HCL: Adjust the temperature colour and the brightness of the lighting over the course of the day. This type of control is called HCL „Human Centric Lighting“ and can be set up and adjusted on the Cala display.

Know what's going on:

  • See drive positions: Now, you can see the current drive position for shading and windows. Also, you can use the slide control for a quick and intuitive positioning of the drives.
  • Know dimming values: For luminaires, the current dimming value is displayed.

Control fan coils (heaters):

  • The temperature control of Cala KNX can now automatically control the fan of heaters and coolers.
  • The blower levels can be changed manually on the temperature control page of the Cala KNX display.

Activate new functions: 

  • Activate and configure them initially in the ETS as of version 5.6.4. Afterwards, they can be recalled on the display.
  • Please note: The new functions are not applicable for Cala KNX with firmware 1.x!

The new functions are available for all sensor models:
Cala KNX AQS/TH with CO2, temperature and humidity sensor
Cala KNX TH with temperature and humidity sensor
Cala KNX T with temperature sensor



made in germany