Dim LED strips with the new radio dimmer

Pleasant lighting is a significant aspect when it comes down to creating a cozy atmosphere in homes. Suitable lighting effects contribute to a certain flair, no matter whether it’s in your own four walls or in public areas.

Radio Dimmer RF-L PWM-ST

Exactly this can be easily achieved with LED strips and the new radio dimmer RF-L PWM-ST for 24 V:  The radio dimmer is inserted between power supply and connection box with STAS3/STAK3 connectors. The LED strips are connected to the terminals at the supplied connection box. Their intensity of illumination can be regulated in 1% steps. Radio dimmer and LED are powered by an appropriate power supply.

Elsner offers further radio dimmers: RF-L UN-ST for energy-saving/halogen lamps, RF-L LED-ST for LED and RF-L UP 1-10 V for EVG and low voltage systems.

For a convenient operation you can use for example the Elsner radio remote control Remo pro or regular wall mounted push-buttons that can be switched to radio push buttons when the push-button interface RF-B2-UP is used. The radio dimmer can also be used with the controls WS1 or WS1000 Color/Style or with the radio system Solexa II. The radio dimmer is taught into a radio channel of the control system and receives automatic and manual commands.

The radio dimmers from Elsner Elektronik are perfect for lighting control in intelligently connected objects. The new radio dimmer RF-L PWM-ST is available in different sets.

made in germany