Early Detection of Leaks – Limitation of Water Damage

Burst water pipes, backwater, inattention: There are many reasons for water damage. What counts in the moment is speed! The sooner you know about the leakage, the sooner you can contain the damage!

A small water detector can be a great help here, e.g. the Leak KNX basic. It consists of a probe whose electrodes detect water. An alarm message is then immediately sent to the KNX bus, which can be processed further depending on the building situation. For example, have the main valve automatically blocked, have a text message sent to your mobile phone or similar. This calls for an intelligent connection to KNX building technology.

Leak KNX basic is installed in a place where water collects first. For example below the dishwasher, bathtub and aquarium, at the lowest point of the cellar or by the swimming pool. To ensure that the sensor remains in place, is not displaced or knocked over, the probe can be screwed to the ground.

The programming button for addressing the device on the KNX bus is activated with the supplied magnetic telescopic rod. Thus there is no water-sensitive mechanics on the probe.

made in germany