Increase the Radio Range of KNX RF with Retransmitters

Anyone who is already familiar with KNX RF wireless networks knows the retransmitter function. Equipment, which work as retransmitters, send all received KNX RF telegrams again. The radio range of the system is increased by „handing over“ the telegrams from device to device.

KNX RF-MSG-ST radio actuator with retransmitter

This practical function is now also available in the KNX RF-MSG-ST, which we have just introduced to you! The radio actuator has a motor connection, e.g. for a shading or a window. The plug shape with STAK3 / STAS3 connectors allows for easy connection by pluging it between motor and supply line. Learn the radio connection and the motor is ready for commands via KNX RF.
These can, for example, originate from the remote control Remo KNX RF or from the media coupler KNX RF LC-TP, which is the connection to wire-bonded KNX TP devices.

The retransmitter function can be found in the properties window in the ETS 5. You only have to tick the checkbox.

The PRG button is designed as a magnetic switch for the KNX RF-MSG-ST and is activated with the supplied telescopic rod. Another intelligent detail of the KNX RF-MSG-ST: It automatically detects the running time of the connected motor by measuring the current. You

no longer have to determine the running time with the stopwatch, but have an exact value in the actuator.


made in germany