A switch that saves energy

KNX T-L-Pr-UP Touch detects presence, brightness and temperature

The presence detector detects people at an angle of 150° and enables presence-related switching in the KNX system, for example, for lighting or demand-oriented control of heating. The KNX T-L-Pr-UP Touch measures room brightness and temperature.

Two touch keys turn the presence detector into a switch. The areas can be assigned any bus functions, whether for lighting, blinds or scenes. Two LEDs are also controlled via the bus. Let the LEDs light up or flash when presence is detected - or configure your own ideas.
Would you like to implement even more free applications? The integrated AND and OR logic links help here.

Item no. 70852
KNX T-L-Pr-UP Touch
Deep black

Item no. 70850
KNX T-L-Pr-UP Touch


Nr. 70851
KNX T-L-Pr-UP Touch CH

Use the smart motion detector with its many extras and combine comfort and energy saving!

In the online shop you will find further technical information on the presence detectors, for example data sheet, manual and KNX applications.

made in germany