Smart Switching of Drives and Devices

Smart switching with compact KNX actuators

The new KNX R1-B4 compact 16A and KNX SR1-B4 compact actuators are the right solution when the available installation space is limited. The compact devices are conveniently concealed in a standard flush-mounted box. Almost a shame, because the design is really worth beeing seen.

Actuator with potential-free relay output

KNX R1-B4 compact 16A switches a consumer up to 16 ampere at a potential-free relay output.

Not only fans or heating can be controlled via KNX, the actuator is also particularly suitable for switching light.

A switch-on and switch-off delay or a staircase timer switch with switch-off warning can be set. Switch-off warning here means that the light goes out briefly a few times before it is switched off. This "flashing" can be precisely defined in the KNX application.

The KNX R1-B4 compact is also used when a socket is switched and the power supply to certain devices or machines is thus to be interrupted.

KNX S1R-B4 compact, Multifunctional actuator with 4 binary inputs

The KNX S1R-B4 compact switches up to 5 A. The two devices are controlled separately.

The KNX application includes an automatic system for sun protection and windows. The façade control for shading supports functions such as slat tracking, position feedback/storage and blocking. The KNX S1R-B4 compact actuator can also take into account details such as dead time, i.e. the starting time of the motor.

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Further KNX actuators in numerous variants are also available, e.g. multi-channel actuators for DIN rail installation.

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