KNX RF-MSG-ST: New radio actuator

Plug together, establish the radio connection, programme the ETS, done! The drive of a shading (blind, awning, shutter) or of a window is controllable via KNX radio with the new radio actuator KNX RF-MSG-ST.

With the STAK3/STAS3 plugs the radio actuator can be easily plugged in between consumer and mains supply line. A quick and comfortable start-up is possible without great effort.

KNX RF-MSG-ST is integrated into existing wired KNX systems with the help of the media coupler KNX RF LC-TP or with a media coupler from other manufactures compatible to the radio standard KNX RF S.

KNX RF-MSG-ST has a connection for a 230 V AC drive. The radio actuator has for the positioning of the drive an automatic runtime measurement, position feedback and storage, a scene control for movement position with 16 scenes, various safety and blocking objects, alarm reports, as well as a brief time limit.

Whether blinds in an administration building or an awning in a smart home, the radio actuator integrates drives into the KNX system.

made in germany