Room Temperature Controller in Switch Frame

Room temperature control is a noticeable comfort factor and therefore often the basis of home automation.

The KNX temperature sensors from Elsner Elektronik fit into any switch system with 55 mm frame dimensions. They are a compact, practical solution because they combine sensor and control technology for heating and cooling in the smallest of spaces. 

In addition, the shiny black or white glass surface blends seamlessly into the interior design. This timeless and contemporary design received the German Design Award 2018.

The temperature sensors and controllers are available in two versions:

The KNX T-UP gl with glass cover does its job quietly and reliably. The measured temperature and the resulting control commands are transmitted to the heating/cooling system via the bus.

The KNX T-UP Touch shows the current values in the display. The room temperature can be individually adjusted via two touch keys. This allows intervention in the automatic temperature control system at any time.

In addition to PI control for single or two-stage heating and cooling, the application has got AND/OR logic links and actuating variable comparators for data processing in the KNX system.

made in germany