F-Con: New pluggable system for comfortable sun shading

You would like to realise the electrical installation for comfortable sun shading with minimal effort? The innovative plug system F-Con – Fast Connect by Elsner is just right!

Plug together, teach-in, done! Putting sun shading into operation is hardly done quicker and easier. No matter whether it is a smart home, administration building or a showroom, with the compact pluggable radio motor control units (STAK/STAS plugs) drives of shadings get controllable via radio. Shutters, blinds and awnings, but also windows, can be controlled comfortably with a radio remote control by Elsner Elektronik or they can work together with Elsner’s building controls.

F-Con is applicable where sun shading must be retrofitted or supplemented, and where an easy installation and operation via radio is preferred. If you want to read more about the new plug system F-Con – Fast Connect by Elsner, click here to see the Flyer.

made in germany