USB Stick for KNX RF

The new KNX RF USB Stick is a small and an extremely practical interface for KNX.

PC interface: KNX RF USB stick

It connects a PC with the KNX system via KNX RF radio. The user gets comfortable access to KNX RF directly from his windows-based computer.

The USB stick is easily operated in a USB slot of the computer. Via the ETS software from version 5, devices are addressed and programmed or diagnosis are made via the USB stick. The KNX RF USB Stick is a practical tool for the installation of KNX systems.

For example, the radio remote control Remo KNX RF can be used with KNX RF in the KNX system.

Please note: You will need a media coupler for connecting KNX TP and KNX RF, like the KNX RF LC-TP.

made in germany