Optimal position for weather sensors and stations

With spring, changeable weather comes to us. Wind and rain are on the agenda.

The mounts for weather stations and outdoor sensors from Elsner Elektronik defy all weathers, no matter if rainy spring, stormy autumn or snowy winter.

Put your sensors in perfect position with those mounting arms! Whether short or long or with ball joints – due to different variants, there is something suitable for every application. The optimal installation is very important for correct data collection. After all, the sensors must be exposed to weather influences at any time.


Are you looking for a bracket for wall mounting? Then these models are interesting for you:

Mounting arm Fix and arm L without joints
Mounting arm Flex with one or two ball joints


You need a bracket for beam or pole mounting? The following two models are suitable:

Hinge arm large (for sensors type P03 and Solexa)
Pole mount Fix P (for sensors type P04/P03 and Vari)


By the way: Our technical service gladly helps you to choose the right mounting arm.
Contacted by phone on +49(0) 7033 / 30945 250.



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