New price list from 01.07.2021

New price list from 01.07.2021 News of 07/01/2021

The list contains all new products. It also includes some items that will only be available shortly:

  • Series eTR:
    Temperature sensor KNX eTR gl already available
    Temperature sensor KNX eTR 102 FC, available as of quarter IV/2021
  • Power supplies KNX PS640 4U and KNX PS640-IP 2U, available as of quarter IV/2021
  • Interface KNX B4 Universal, available as of quarter IV/2021
  • Line coupler KNX CP TP and KNX CP IP, available as of quarter IV/2021

Further product changes:

  • Water/pipe break detector Leak in version 2.0 (with cable break detection) - remaining stocks of the first version still available in the webshop
  • PS2500 power supply unit with 2.5 A available - replaces PS5000 as accessory for Suntracer RS485 pro, Suntracer KNX pro and CasaConnect sets in the future
  • Mixed gas sensor KNX VOC-UP basic is no longer manufactured, KNX VOC/TH-UP Touch is the replacement device for mixed gas measurement
  • Fan WL400/800, WL-Z, carrier for pollen/insect protection, fan module RF-WL 0-10 V are discontinued items (production until 31.12.2021)

We are forced to adjust our prices due to the increasing price pressure caused by worldwide supply bottlenecks and raw material shortages. The surcharge is between 3.0 % and 4.0 % depending on the article.