New mechanics for weather station

New mechanics for weather station News of 06/16/20

Adjustment of Suntracer KNX pro is simplified

Professionals for building technology know: The correct adjustment of the weather station is the basis for correct measurement data! To make the Suntracer KNX pro weather station even easier to install, the mounting bracket has now been optimised.

In Suntracer KNX pro, the adjustment mechanism for the position of the sensor is located on the base with which the device is placed on the mast extension. In the new version, the mechanism is designed with robust threaded rods and nuts instead of the previous small threaded pins.
The mounting therefore remains as stable as before, but alignment is made easier: After the weather station is aligned in the north-south axis, the ring is brought into the horizontal position with the enclosed open-end wrenches. The level indicator, which is included in the delivery, helps with this.


Suntracer KNX pro in the online shop

In the Elsner Elektronik online shop, you will find further information to the Suntracer KNX pro, for example KNX application and manual. Do you already know our other weather stations for KNX, for RS485Modbus and the conventional installation. You can find all this online!