Multifunctional actuator controls motors and devices

KNX S2-B6-AP in robust surface-mounted housing News of 08/03/2021

With the multifunction actuator KNX S2-B6-AP, you have flexible control options - for 4 electrical loads, such as light or fans, or with paired contact assignment for 2 drives of blinds, awnings, shutters and windows.

Push buttons are an example for connections options of the 6 binary inputs. In the "actuator button" configuration, the input and output are connected in the actuator. When configured as a "bus button", the input signal is sent as a communication object on the bus. Each input can then be set up as a (toggle) switch, for controlling drives or scenes, for dimming, as an 8-bit, temperature or brightness value transmitter. 
Two of the inputs can alternatively be used for zero position sensors. 

This is how you set up perfect façade automation with the KNX S2-B6-AP. The appropriate automatic functions for sun position-dependent shading control and automatic ventilation via windows are included in the KNX application.

There are up/down buttons and LED indicator lights in the unit that are helpful for commissioning. The surface-mounted housing measures 175 mm × 128 mm × 52 mm.