KNX Beginner Sets CasaConnect KNX

KNX Starter Sets CasaConnect KNX Preconfigured sets with CasaConnect KNX Center for individual adjustment

The easiest way to get started with KNX!

Remove the complex KNX integration from your project - benefit from the advantages of CasaConnect KNX sets!

Each set contains selected KNX operating devices, sensors and actuators for easy entry into KNX Smart Home. This gives you the basis for powerful automation of lighting, heating, sun protection and ventilation and covers safety functions such as smoke and water leakage detection.

CasaConnect KNX Set 10 “Apartment” makes an apartment smart. CasaConnect KNX Set 20 “House” contains the same devices, but so many that a second floor and a cellar can also be automated.


Each set is delivered fully configured and addressed. The devices therefore only need to be installed. They communicate with each other as soon as they are connected to the KNX bus line, which supplies them with bus and auxiliary voltage. 


Start directly with the individual setting of the functions on the display of the CasaConnect KNX Center. First, the basic definitions for the different areas are set. For example, whether the sun protection in the living room is a roller shutter or a blind.

Then the automatic functions are adapted to the personal preferences of the user on the display. With CasaConnect KNX, high-end automation is possible. The functions are extensive and  detailed, but can be easily set using the CasaConnect KNX menu navigation.


With the CasaConnect KNX Center and additional Cala Touch KNX displays as control points
in the individual rooms, the technology is accessible at all times. Intuitively understandable
user interfaces and simple menu navigation ensure that everyone can find their way around
the smart home.


The KNX world is open to you! CasaConnect KNX and all components of the set are registered KNX devices. This means that the sets can be extended at any time with KNX devices from all manufacturers. As the ETS project is part of the set, a KNX integrator has the perfect basis to extend the system.

CasaConnect KNX Set for an apartment or for a house

Set 10 includes operating devices, sensors and actuators typically used for home automation. With Set 20 you will receive additional devices to equip additional floors.

Figure: Example floor plan of a smart apartment with Set 10:

Smart apartment - CasaConnect Set 10 for apartment automation

The components of the sets:

  Set 10 Set 20
Building Control CasaConnect KNX
Room Controller Cala KNX T, white
operation of temperature, light, sun protection
Presence Detector Intra-Sewi KNX TH-L-Pr
measures and controls light and room climate
Smoke Detector Salva KNX basic
Leakage Sensor Leak KNX basic
signals leaking water
Weather Station P04-KNX-GPS
detects sun, wind, rain and temperature
Heating actuator KNX K4
also for cooling systems
1x 2x
Light Controller KNX DALI L4 bc 16 A
with 4 channels
Multifunctional Actuator KNX S4-B10 230 V
with 4 multifunctional outputs each for awnings, blinds, shutters and for window control and
10 inputs each for window contacts installed on site
Switching Actuator KNX R8 16 A
with 8 outputs each for light, sockets, fan...
Power Supply Unit KNX PS640-IP
with ethernet-interface
Power Supply Unit PS5000