Invitation to ISE 2020

Invitation to SwissBau 2020 News of 01/22/20

KNX-novelties presented in Amsterdam
Integrated Systems Europe will take place in Amsterdam from February 11th to 14th, 2020 - visit us at the KNX booth 9-F120 and experience our products live!

These are our highlights for ISE:

Easy start into KNX with Casa Connect 
Anyone who has previously shied away from KNX because the integration costs appear high and specialist knowledge is already required during the planning phase now has the solution: CasaConnect. The building control centre is also available as a pre-configured set with frequently required KNX sensors, actuators and operating devices! 

Weather station with wind direction sensor

The new Suntracer KNX pro delivers wind speed and direction, sun position, temperature, humidity, dew point and air pressure, making it the professional KNX sensor for high-quality smart homes and smart buildings.

Cala KNX series

The Cala Touch KNX display is at the centre of a series of sensors and control units with an elegant and durable glass surface. These include various room controllers as well as the new Cala KNX glass push buttons Cala KNX M-T and Cala KNX MultiTouch T.

Series KNX eTR

The KNX eTR series for price-conscious KNX smart homes and buildings offers room temperature controllers like the KNX eTR 101​​​​​​​ and push-buttons like KNX eTR M and MultiTouch. The switch-sized devices are installed on a box or directly on the wall and their simple design allows intuitive access to building technology.





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