Flexibel use of spaces

Flexibel use of spaces with the universal push-button Nunio KNX M-T News of 02/17/2021

The blinds, the light or would you rather control a scene? With the Nunio KNX M-T push button, you can conveniently operate everything. And also set the room temperature. And if you need a different setup in the future? - The flexible KNX push-button adapts to the new requirements!

The backlit touch display shows one, two, three or four touch areas as required. Icons and an individual text help you to find your way around. This makes the push-button very adaptable to changing requirements (change of tenants in residential or commercial properties, hotel rooms, etc.).

This is what Nunio KNX M-T can do:

  • Switch-size single, double, triple or quadruple push-button
  • The integrated glass frame is backlit by the display lighting, including darkening in standby mode
  • Additional surface function when touching with the palm of the hand or wiping  
  • temperature control for setpoint adjustment, mode switching and fan speed adjustment
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • The KNX application offers a PI controller for heating and cooling (single or two-stage), with fan coil control and additionally 2 AND and 2 OR logic gates with 4 inputs each