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News of 01/14/2022

 for KNX Training Centres

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Turn of the year 2021/2022

News of 12/06/2021

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Suntracer pro now also for conventional building technology

News of 10/12/2021

Weather station Suntracer RS485 pro

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Invitation to KNXperience

News of 09/08/2021

KNX Online Fair from 28 to 30.09.2021

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Multifunctional actuator controls motors and devices

News of 08/03/2021

KNX S2-B6-AP in robust surface-mounted housing

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Inputs for clever extra functions

News of 07/09/2021

Room Controller KNX eTR 101-BA2 integrates window contacts, push-buttons and temperature sensors in KNX

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Touch panel with IP66 for harsh environments

News of 05/11/2021

Fabro KNX - robust and easy to use

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Novelties of the eTR series

News of 04/22/2021

Surface mount housing and new models

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Which radio dimmer is the matching one for my luminaires?

News of 04/21/2021

Find the right model with our overview list!

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Set room temperature intuitively

News of 04/01/2021

eTR 101 Modbus control unit

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The simple way to get started with KNX

News of 03/17/2021

 CasaConnect KNX sets

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Flexibel use of spaces

News of 02/17/2021

with the universal push-button Nunio KNX M-T

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Elsner Elektronik: 30 years of innovations for smart buildings

News of 12/17/2020

We have innovative ideas and plans. Continue on the path with us! 

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Turn of the year 2020/2021

News of 12/07/2020

company holidays from 24th of December 2020 to 8th of January 2021 inclusively

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KNX eTR becomes push-button series

News of 12/02/2020

Fresh design for price-conscious KNX building projects.

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For smart KNX buildings: the new central unit CasaConnect KNX 

News of 10/14/2020

The new Smart Home & Living solution for more living comfort, security and energy efficiency in the KNX world.

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Room Temperature Controller – elegant in any room

News of 08/12/2020

KNX eTR 101 now also available in black

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Develop covered outdoor areas

News of 07/16/2020

Radio modules for Elsner RF in new housing variant

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New room temperature controllers of the Cala series

News of 07/03/2020

and extended models with sun protection buttons

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New mechanics for weather station

News of 06/16/2020

Professionals for building technology know: The correct adjustment of the weather station is the basis for correct measurement data! 

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light + building - only in 2022

News of 02/11 & 03/03/20, updated on 05/07/20

After the shift now the OUT

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Weather measurement values for KNX

News of 04/27/2020

P04-KNX-GPS - Brightness, wind speed, precipitation report, outdoor temperature and time - sometimes you don't need more weather data to automate a building.

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KNX starter sets CasaConnect KNX

News of 04/08/2020

The easiest way to get started with KNX! Remove the complex KNX integration from your project - benefit from the advantages of CasaConnect KNX sets!

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We continue - with distance

News of 04/02/20

Despite pandemic and restrictions in public life: At Elsner Elektronik, development, production and sales continue! Here are a few insights into our current working methods.

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New brochure: Room Controllers and Push Buttons for KNX

News of 02/25/20

The light + building in Frankfurt will now take place in autumn from 27.09. to 02.10.2020. But anyone who is impatient can take the new brochure "Room controllers and push buttons for KNX" and already get an impression of the innovations in this area.

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Invitation to ISE 2020

News of 01/22/20

Integrated Systems Europe will take place in Amsterdam from February 11th to 14th, 2020 - visit us at the KNX booth 9-F120 and experience our products live!

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Indoor sensors for building control systems: Now also with glass surface

News of 01/17/20

The WS1 and WS1000 building control systems have been compatible so far with the external indoor sensors WGTH-UP and WG AQS/TH-UP. Now there are new versions with a glass surface: The sensors WGTH gl and WG AQS/TH gl. 

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That's what winners look like: Winners of the German Design Award

News of 12/17/19

The WS1000 Connect building control system and the Suntracer KNX pro weather station are winners of the German Design Award 2020 in the "Excellent Product Design Building Elements" category!

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Invitation to SwissBau 2020

News of 11/29/19

Swissbau will take place in Basel from 14 to 18 January 2020. Elsner Elektronik is part of the leading trade fair for the construction and real estate industry in Switzerland. Visit us in Hall 1.2, Stand C20 and view our products live!

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Room Controller Recognizes Bad Air (Volatile Organic Compounds)

News of 11/19/19

The room controller KNX VOC/TH-UP Touch measures temperature, relative and absolute humidity and also mixed gas, that means volatile organic compounds in the air.

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Series Cala: New glass push buttons

News of 11/05/19


Cala KNX M-T and Cala KNX MultiTouch T are touch buttons for control of various functions in the KNX bus system. The buttons provide visual feedback via LEDs in the buttons and function areas. Functions and feedback signals can be set up individually in the ETS. 

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How to control your DALI lighting via KNX

News of 10/24/19


The KNX DALI L4 bc 16 A actuator is an interface between the KNX bus system and DALI lighting systems.
The rail-mounted device transmits KNX commands to the DALI lighting system, for example brightness, colour temperature and colour value (RGBW, HSV).

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Blind control with double limit switches

News of 10/18/19

The KNX S4-B12 DES and KNX S1R-B4-UP DES actuators are electronic control units for controlling motors with three limit switches, as used for blinds. 

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Intelligent motor control units IMSG 230 compact und MSG1 compact

News of 10/09/19

The new IMSG 230 compact and MSG1 compact motor control units forward central and manual operation commands to 230 V drives.

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The new control centre for Smart Home: WS1000 Connect

News of 09/12/19

With the WS1000 Connect, a new generation of central controls for buildings

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Suntracer KNX pro weather station now also detects the wind direction

News of 08/20/19

No change in weather remains undetected!

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A switch that saves energy

News of 08.08.2019

KNX T-L-Pr-UP Touch detects presence, brightness and temperature

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Room controller for swiss switch system

News of 07/011/2019

We now have the right indoor climate sensors for all Swiss customers!

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Plus X Award for Room-Controller

News of 22.05.2019

Cala Touch KNX 3.x was awarded as best product of the year

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Compact KNX radio actuators

News of 09.05.2019

The actuators of the "compact" series disappear into a flush-mounted box without any problems.

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