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Series Cala: New glass push buttons

News of 11/05/19


Cala KNX M-T and Cala KNX MultiTouch T are touch buttons for control of various functions in the KNX bus system. The buttons provide visual feedback via LEDs in the buttons and function areas. Functions and feedback signals can be set up individually in the ETS. 

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How to control your DALI lighting via KNX

News of 10/24/19


The KNX DALI L4 bc 16 A actuator is an interface between the KNX bus system and DALI lighting systems.
The rail-mounted device transmits KNX commands to the DALI lighting system, for example brightness, colour temperature and colour value (RGBW, HSV).

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Blind control with double limit switches

News of 10/18/19

The KNX S4-B12 DES and KNX S1R-B4-UP DES actuators are electronic control units for controlling motors with three limit switches, as used for blinds. 

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Intelligent motor control units IMSG 230 compact und MSG1 compact

News of 10/09/19

The new IMSG 230 compact and MSG1 compact motor control units forward central and manual operation commands to 230 V drives.

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The new control centre for Smart Home: WS1000 Connect

News of 09/12/19

With the WS1000 Connect, a new generation of central controls for buildings

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Suntracer KNX pro weather station now also detects the wind direction

News of 08/20/19

No change in weather remains undetected!

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A switch that saves energy

News of 08.08.2019

KNX T-L-Pr-UP Touch detects presence, brightness and temperature

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Room controller for swiss switch system

News of 07/011/2019

We now have the right indoor climate sensors for all Swiss customers!

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Plus X Award for Room-Controller

News of 22.05.2019

Cala Touch KNX 3.x was awarded as best product of the year

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Compact KNX radio actuators

News of 09.05.2019

The actuators of the "compact" series disappear into a flush-mounted box without any problems.

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