Universal actuators

Universal actuators

Using multifunctional control units in the building

In a building automated with KNX, different types of actuators are needed to control switchable and dimmable loads, motors and valves. Universal actuators create flexibility in planning and implementation. They are suitable for switchable devices such as lamps or fans, but can also control drives for blinds, shutters, awnings or windows.

The outputs of these units are multifunctional. This means that each contact can be used individually to switch loads. The maximum switching load/switching current is limited to 8 A. The contacts can also be used in pairs to control drives.

The determination of whether individual contacts or drive channel is configured for each contact pair in the KNX application software of the multifunction actuator. The device then provides the appropriate settings. For the switching function, these are, for example, switching delays or a staircase lighting timer. For shading, safety-relevant queries for locks, movement restrictions and priorities of commands are set first. Then the sunshade automation, including slat tracking, is adjusted. For windows, there is an automatic aeration system to keep the temperature and humidity optimal. Driving positions for different scenes can also be set. 

Multifunctional actuators are available in all designs, as a series installation device for the control cabinet, for box installation near the motor/consumer and as a surface-mounted device with a sturdy housing.

New surface-mounted actuator KNX S2-B6-AP

The new Elsner Elektronik multifunction actuator KNX S2-B6-AP has 2 channels, each of which can be used to control a 230 V drive or 2 loads.

In addition, the actuator offers 6 binary inputs. They are practical, for example, for on-site push-buttons for manual operation of a shade. In the "actuator push-button" configuration, the input and output are directly connected in the actuator. When configured as a "bus push button", the input signal is sent to the bus as a communication object. Each input can then be set up as a (toggle) switch, for controlling drives or scenes, for dimming, as an 8-bit, temperature or brightness value transmitter. Two of the inputs can alternatively be used for zero position sensors. 

Control LEDs and commissioning buttons are visible behind the transparent cover of the KNX S2-B6-AP. The buttons may only be used by a qualified electrician to test whether and how drives behave in the event of an Up and Down command.

to KNX S2-B6-AP

Actuators for the top-hat rail

If multifunctional actuators are to be installed in the control cabinet, Elsner Elektronik offers various models:

KNX S1-B2 for 1 drive / 2 consumers,
KNX S2-B6 for 2 drives / 4 consumers and 
KNX S4-B10 for 4 drives / 8 consumers, 
all with 230 V outputs and additional digital inputs.

If the contacts are to be potential-free, the KNX S1-BA2 is the right choice, whose input can also be used for a temperature sensor.

Flush-mounted actuators

Even if the actuator is to be installed in a box, for example near the motor, Elsner Elektronik has the suitable single-channel actuator models:

KNX S1R-B4 compact with 4 binary inputs.

The KNX S1R-UP series, partly with analogue/digital inputs, which can also be used for on-site temperature sensors.

The KNX S1E-UP series, which has silent and wear-free switching electronic outputs. These models are ideal for residential installations where the clicking noise of relays is not desired or when longevity is important despite frequent switching.