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Switching with KNX

New actuators from Elsner Elektronik

Actuators are an essential component of the KNX system. As interfaces to electrical loads and drives, they receive KNX commands and convert them into actions. While doing so, they are not visible to the users of the building: They are installed in a separate control cabinet or on site in a flush-mounted box. Elsner Elektronik has now extended its range with further KNX actuators so that the right variant is available depending on the application and the planned installation location.

Compact series: Compact actuators for flush-mounted boxes

The KNX actuators in the "compact" housing are the right solution if the available installation space is limited. They are conveniently concealed in a standard flush-mounted box. Nevertheless, all compact actuators have binary inputs as well as switching outputs.

KNX SR1-B4 compact and KNX RF S1R-B2 compact are multifunctional and therefore particularly flexible. A drive, e.g. of a blind, roller shutter, window or awning, can be moved up and down. Alternatively, the devices can be used for separate switching of two electrical loads with up to 5 Ampere. The output is potential-free, so that KNX commands can also be forwarded to controls outside the KNX system, e.g. via the pushbutton input of an external system.

KNX SR1-B4 compact has an integrated sun protection automation with tracking of slats and other practical functions such as position feedback / storage and scenes. Blockings and interlocks can be defined as well as the priorities of the individual functions. The starting time of the motor is taken into account in order to position the blinds exactly. 4 digital inputs are available for the connection of binary contacts, for example, buttons, window contacts or zero position sensors.

to multifunctional actuator KNX S1R-B4 compact

KNX RF S1R-B2 compact is the radio version of the compact multifunctional actuator. The radio standard KNX RF scores with low installation effort and wherever no cable can be laid. The actuator offers blocking and priority settings and has two binary inputs.

to multifunctional actuator KNX RF S1R-B2 compact

Smart switching

The compact actuators KNX R1-B4 compact 16 A and KNX RF R1-B2 compact 16 A switch a consumer up to 16 Ampere at the potential-free relay output. Not only fans, heating, power sockets or devices can be controlled via KNX, the actuators are also particularly suitable for switching light. A switch-on and switch-off delay or a staircase timer switch with switch-off warning can be set. With the OFF warning, the light "flashes" shortly before it goes out and thus signals that it is about to go dark.

KNX RF R1-B2 compact 16 A communicates via the KNX RF radio standard. The actuator is integrated into the KNX system e.g. via a media coupler or a KNX RF stick for the computer.

to switching actuator KNX R1-B4 compact 16 A

to radio switching actuator KNX RF R1-B2 compact 16 A

Power in the control panel: KNX R4 und R8

Elsner Elektronik also has new switching actuators for the control cabinet or distribution box: KNX R4 and R8 fit on DIN rails. Whether devices in the smart home or machines in industry: the actuators switch up to 16 Amperes. In the KNX application, switch-on and switch-off delays or a staircase timer switch with switch-off warning can be configured. The KNX R4 actuator can be used to switch a maximum of four loads with up to 16 A. The KNX R8 actuator has eight potential-free switching outputs.

to switching actuators KNX R4 16 A and KNX R8 16 A