Convenient Operation and Set Up of KNX – with CasaConnect

Conventient operation and set up of KNX with CasaConnect

Building Control Center and practical starter sets


Building technology under control on the touch display

With the automatic and manual control functions of the house control centre, you can achieve an optimum living climate and a safe home in a comfortable and energy-saving way.

What does the CasaConnect central unit do?

Central Unit CasaConnect KNX in the shop



2 - THE SETS CasaConnect KNX

The simple start into KNX – pre-programmed and usable without ETS

The sets contain typical devices, so to speak the "basic equipment", for the automation of an apartment or a single-family house. The preconfigured and addressed KNX system is individually set up via the CasaConnect KNX control centre.

How do the sets help me as a KNX beginner?

Which sets are available?

Sets CasaConnect KNX in the shop


The control unit is a touch screen display for the Smart Home and the centre of the sets.


  • Automatic control of sun protection / privacy protection
  • Better air quality through automatic ventilation
  • Convenient operation and setting of all technology on the display
  • Area for manual operation with scenes, group function, area/floor, sliders for position and much more
  • Time switch
  • App for operation and status check on the smartphone


  • Optimum interaction of shading, heating, cooling, ventilation
  • Switch light only in presence and in darkness


  • Receive alarm messages by e-mail. Triggers can be e.g. burglary (presence detection although nobody should be in the house), smoke and heat alarm, water leakage. Messages are dependent on the activation status and can be configured individually
  • Adjustable presence simulation with deviations for a realistic impression
[Bitte in "English" übersetzen:] Hauszentrale CasaConnect KNX in einem Wohnzimmer

Connect! – Network functions of the CasaConnect control centre


In addition to home automation, the control centre enables surfing and streaming on the display. You can, for example, watch the weather forecast or play your favourite music. Loudspeakers are integrated in the device.

CasaConnect KNX is network and internet compatible, but cloud-free. Setting data is only stored in the system - for more data sovereignty. Without the active consent of the user on the device, the control system cannot be accessed from outside!


The CasaConnect KNX app turns the smartphone into a remote control for home automation. A maximum of 10 end devices (Android and iOS) can be used simultaneously for control.

To use the app, the smartphone and the control centre must be in the same WLAN. Access from on the road can be made via VPN. 


A remote diagnosis tool can be used to provide quick and inexpensive assistance with settings without having to be on site. After approval by the user, a service technician can access the control centre via the Internet.

With the CasaConnect sets, the system's KNX project is stored in encrypted form on the SD card of the control centre. The user can grant an integrator (via VPN) or the Elsner Service (via tunneling) access to the project via the router of his home network.

In numbers: The CasaConnect KNX control centre

and the set functions
  • 80 channels type A for drives (blinds, shutters, awnings, windows), fans and luminaires (switching, dimming, RGB(W), colour temperature). Each with extensive automatic functions. Set 10 uses 20 of these channels, set 20 uses 36.
  • 120 channels type B for operating and display elements (dimmers, push-buttons), sensors, alarm messages and the transmission of floating point values and text messages. Set 10 uses 55 of these channels, set 20 uses 80
    • ​​15 channels type C used as a temperature controller extension unit, i.e. a heating or cooling system is controlled according to KNX specifications for HVAC applications.
    • Set 10 uses 4 channels, set 20 uses 8.
    • 3 alarm objects and 4 central objects with function assignment on the display
    • 24 scene channels that are set up on the display
    • Presence simulation
    • Security module (for alarm system messages) with memory for event log

    If required, the sets are supplemented by buttons, sockets, window and door contacts installed by the customer. 

    2 – THE SETS CasaConnect KNX for an apartment or for a house

    Set 10 includes operating devices, sensors and actuators typically used for home automation. With Set 20 you will receive additional devices to equip additional floors.

    Figure: Example floor plan of a smart apartment with Set 10

    Plan of a smart flat with CasaConnect sets

    The easiest way to get started with KNX!

    Remove the complex KNX integration from your project - benefit from the advantages of CasaConnect KNX sets!

    Each set contains selected KNX operating devices, sensors and actuators for easy entry into KNX Smart Home. This gives you the basis for powerful automation of lighting, heating, sun protection and ventilation and covers safety functions such as smoke and water leakage detection.

    CasaConnect KNX Set 10 “Apartment” makes an apartment smart. CasaConnect KNX Set 20 “House” contains the same devices, but so many that a second floor and a cellar can also be automated.


    Each set is delivered fully configured and addressed. The devices therefore only need to be installed. They communicate with each other as soon as they are connected to the KNX bus line, which supplies them with bus and auxiliary voltage. 


    Start directly with the individual setting of the functions on the display of the CasaConnect KNX Center. First, the basic definitions for the different areas are set. For example, whether the sun protection in the living room is a roller shutter or a blind.

    Then the automatic functions are adapted to the personal preferences of the user on the display. With CasaConnect KNX, high-end automation is possible. The functions are extensive and  detailed, but can be easily set using the CasaConnect KNX menu navigation.


    With the CasaConnect KNX Center and additional Cala Touch KNX displays as control points
    in the individual rooms, the technology is accessible at all times. Intuitively understandable
    user interfaces and simple menu navigation ensure that everyone can find their way around
    the smart home.


    The KNX world is open to you! CasaConnect KNX and all components of the set are registered KNX devices. This means that the sets can be extended at any time with KNX devices from all manufacturers. As the ETS project is part of the set, a KNX integrator has the perfect basis to extend the system.

    The components of the sets:

     Set 10Set 20
    Central Unit CasaConnect KNX1 piece1 piece
    Room Controller Cala Touch KNX T, white
    operation of temperature, light, sun protection
    4 pieces8 pieces
    Presence Detector Intra-Sewi KNX TH-L-Pr, white
    measures and controls light and room climate
    2 pieces5 pieces
    Smoke Detector Salva KNX basic3 pieces5 pieces
    Leakage Sensor Leak KNX basic
    reports water spillager
    1 piece2 pieces
    Weather Station P04-KNX-GPS
    recognizes sund, wind, rain and temperature
    1 piece1 piece
    Heating Controller KNX K4
    also for cooling systems
    1 piece2 pieces
    DALI Light Controller KNX DALI L4 bc 16 A
    with 4 channels each
    1 piece
    for 4 lighting groups
    2 pieces
    für 8 lighting groups
    Sun Protection Control KNX S4-B10 230 V
    with 4 multifunctional outputs each, for awnings, blinds, shutters and for window control and
    with 10 inputs each, for window contacts installed on site
    2 pieces
    for 8 drives
    3 pieces
    for 12 drives
    Switching Actuator KNX R8 16 A
    with 8 outputs each, for light, sockets, fans...
    1 piece
    for 8 devices
    2 pieces
    for 16 devices
    Power Supply Unit KNX PS640-IP
    with Ethernet interface
    1 piece1 piece
    Power Supply Unit PS50001 piece1 piece