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Smart Home Control

[Bitte in "English" übersetzen:] Touch-Taster

KNX Buttons make home automation intuitively accessible

KNX eTR is a switch series for cost-conscious building projects

Central Building Control in the "Smart Home"

Use cloud-free building control technology and still benefit from network functions

Cala Series

Intelligent controls as easy to install as a light switch

Easy planning and integration of KNX with starter sets

Convenient operation and set up of KNX – with CasaConnect

Building Control Center and practical starter sets

[Bitte in "English" übersetzen:] Wohnzimmer mit Heizungsregler

Heating Control with KNX

Intuitive temperature setting – for example with Cala KNX T 101

Sensor technology

Weather Station with Wind Direction Measurement

Wind Direction Detection for Protection of Buildings and Technology

Suntracer KNX pro - the weather station for KNX professionals

Dew Point Monitoring

Avoiding condesation and mould formation

Installation Technology

[Bitte in "English" übersetzen:] DALI-Lichtregelung mit KNX

Controlling DALI lighting systems via KNX

Broadcast control simplifies maintenance

[Bitte in "English" übersetzen:] KNX Schaltaktoren

Switching with KNX

Switching actuators and multi-function actuators

[Bitte in "English" übersetzen:] Parallel fahrende Rollläden

Operate drives in parallel

Group control of motors

Winter Garden Ventilation

Good Air in the Conservatory

controlled supply, extraction and recirculation