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Film series Corlo Touch KNX

Corlo Touch is a room controller for the KNX building bus system with individually configurable display pages and integrated automatic functions.

Corlo Touch KNX in the Shop

01. Operation with a fingertip

Display and operating functions of Corlo Touch KNX

02. Individual light colours, logos and pictures

Ambient and logo lighting, icons and labelling of Corlo Touch KNX

03. Don't miss anything: Alarm clock, Alarm, Timer

Alarm and time functions of Corlo Touch KNX

04. Adjust window ventilation perfectly

Window automation with night-time re-cooling using Corlo Touch KNX

05. Awning as a sunscreen

Use an awning as heat and sun protection with Corlo Touch KNX

06. Shutter as sunscreen and curtain

That's how the shutter automatic functions of Corlo Touch KNX protects you from prying eyes

07. Blinds as sun and glare protection

That's how the blind automation of Corlo Touch KNX ensures glare-free daylight in the room

08. Safe and effective aeration with ventilation units

Get the best air quality and a good room climate with automatic ventilation controlled by Corlo Touch KNX

09. Comfortable temperature in each room

Perfect room climate with temperature control by Corlo Touch KNX