Cala KNX touch display receives four awards

Cala KNX touch display receives four awards

Cala Touch KNX room controller was awarded in four categories at the Plus X Award: High quality, design, ease of use and functionality. The third generation (version 3.0) of the display for KNX building bus technology is at first glance a touch switch, but it does much more. Cala Touch KNX is a mini control panel for individual room control.

The Plus X Award is the world's largest innovation award for technology, sport and lifestyle. It recognizes brands for the quality and innovation lead of their products. Particularly in the booming field of smart building technology, customers face special challenges. The customer finds himself in the apparent luxury situation of being able to choose from an enormous variety of products. But which of the numerous products satisfies his requirements and is also future-proof and innovative, so that it will be up to date for several product generations? The Plus X Award with its seven seals of approval provides the answer to these questions.

The independent and specialised jury of experts examines each product in detail and checks its suitability for one or more of the seven Plus X Award seals. The fact that Cala Touch KNX could convince in four categories also reflects Elsner Elektronik's many years of experience and high quality standards.

High Quality - an investment that pays off

One of the most important seals for a product is the "High Quality" award, because it illustrates the manufacturer's efforts to deliver the best quality to customers. With a real glass touch surface, a high-resolution display as well as smart sensors and controls in the background, Cala Touch KNX is such a product that has been designed to be high-quality and durable. The "High Quality" product differs from mass-produced products and is an investment in the future.

Design - not just a trend

A user-oriented and timeless design is part of Elsner Elektronik's philosophy. Functionality and the reduction of technical complexity offer the customer real added value. This is honoured with an award in the "Design" category. Cala Touch KNX room controller fits into standard switch systems. Thus every electrician is familiar with the installation. The available surface of 55 x 55 millimetres is used for the touch display. The user interface is therefore the central design element. Cala Touch KNX is functional and unobtrusive here. This makes the device suitable for different living styles and outlasts interior trends.

Functionality - performance in the smallest of spaces

The Plus X Award for functionality shows that Cala Touch KNX focuses on efficiency and flexibility. The KNX display makes KNX building technology accessible and easily adjustable for the user at any time, regardless of whether it is heating, lighting or sun shade. However, the main functions run automatically in the background, such as the measuring temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide or the temperature control with summer compensation. This "emergency brake for energy consumption" couples the target room temperature in summer to the outside temperature and avoids excessive differences. Weekly timer and scene control are further comfort functions. In the KNX software of the device, modules for free logic links and data conversion are available for an ideal setup of the building technology.
A special functional highlight is the dynamic lighting control, also known as Human Centric Lighting (HCL), which can be set up directly on the display. The HCL control changes light temperature and brightness during the course of the day in barely perceptible steps. Artificial lighting can thus have a positive effect on well-being and, for example, compensate a lack of daylight in the winter months.

Operating comfort - technology for everyone

Cala Touch KNX was able to win over the jury particularly due to its easy and intuitive operation. Development and product design must work hand in hand and the user manual must also be helpful in order to be able to adapt every detail optimally. This makes the innovative functions accessible even to users with little previous knowledge. The current touch technology allows various display and operating pages to be displayed on a small area. For example, for shading systems where the driving position and slat position can simply be set using the slider control. Luminaires can be switched or dimmed in a self-explanatory manner. However, there are also colour temperature and RGB colour settings. In this way, the white tone or the colour tone of LEDs can be specifically mixed. The room controller thus contributes to making building services accessible to all user groups.

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