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Multi-purpose actuator for KNX

KNX Universal Actuator

KNX S2-B6-AP for surface mounting

KNX touch panel at a production site

Touch Panel Fabro KNX with IP66

Good design facilitates access to technology - even in harsh environments and outdoors

KNX Starter Sets CasaConnect KNX

and Central Unit for Smart KNX Buildings

Weather data as RS485 protocol

Suntracer RS485 pro provides important data - including wind direction

Glass push button

Flexible Use of Spaces

with the Nunio KNX M-T universal touch push-button

Press release series eTR

Fresh Design for Smart Building Projects

Push Button Series KNX eTR

heating controller in a living room

Set the Ambient Temperature intuively

Heating Controller Cala KNX T 101

Cala seriesSmart room controllers and push-buttons

Smart Home Control WS1000 Connect

WS1000 Connect building centreInternet-enabled Smart Home control without cloud

Detecting wind and weather for KNX projects Suntracer KNX pro weather station also records wind direction

Solar power for Elsner Elektronik Photovoltaic modules supply energy for production, development and administration

Press release and pictures Switching with KNX

Switching with KNX

New actuators from Elsner Elektronik

Press release and pictures "Operating drives in parallel".

Operating drives in parallel

New info flyer about group control of similar shades or Windows



International Awards

Awards for product design

Press release "Touch-Display Cala awarded"

Cala KNX touch display receives four awards

Plus X Award for Cala Touch KNX

Press release and pictures "KNX eTR 101 wins Red Dot Award"

Red Dot Award for KNX eTR 101

Room controller with distinction

Press release and pictures "Always the right lighting"

Always the right lighting

Radio by dimmer


Press text and pictures "Intuitive heating control with KNX eTR 101"

KNX eTR 101 Room Temperature Controller for KNX

Intuitive heating control


Press release and pictures "Product update Intra-Sewi KNX"

Product update Intra-Sewi KNX

Now with integrated brightness sensor


Press release and pictures "Leak KNX basic"

Leak KNX basic

warns of leaks