KNX bus communication

Questions on KNX bus communication

Why does the KNX device not allow for its programming via the bus?
  • Make sure that you use the correct application version. To do this, check if the item number of your device matches the item number of the application. As a rule, the application lists the item number of white devices. If your device is a different colour but the same type, choose the white item number regardless.
  • Make sure that there is bus and auxiliary voltage. This must be checked by an electrician.
  • If a line/area coupler is used: Set it to ‘forward’.
  • Assign an address to your device. The factory default is 15.15.250/255. The address of the device must not be the same as that of the programming interface.
Why does the media coupler KNX RF LC-TP not integrate in the current KNX project? An error message appears constantly: ‘Validation failed. The KNX RF LC-TP device is not compatible with the medium type of the line.’
  • KNX RF can only be integrated in RF lines. Click on the ‘Add lines’ buttons and select ‘RF’ as the medium.
  • For lines that are already available, you can use the ‘Properties’ window to change the medium type to ‘RF’ later.