Control systems

Preguntas: Controles de edificios / Controles de invernaderos

Why does the display show the error ‘Weather station/no connection to the weather station’?
  • Please contact an electrician. They will first test the weather station wiring according to VDE0100 Part 610 and check if the voltage at the weather station measures +24 V .
  • If the wiring is in order, and the voltage measures +24 V, the problem is likely to be with the weather station. In rare cases, the problem is with the controller.
  • Please replace your defective weather station P00 (3-wire), P01, P02 with a newer weather station. Repairs are not supported for these older models.
  • The controllers WS10, WS20, WS1000 alt, WS1 and WS1000 Touch are also no longer eligible for repair.
Why does my shading retract even though it is sunny?
  • If there is a wind/rain alarm, the shading retracts automatically (protection function).
  • It is possible that a tree or a nearby building is casting a shadow on the weather station's sensor. 
Why does my shading not extend?
  • Please make sure that the shading is set to ‘Automatic operation’.
  • It is possible that not all the set parameters have been exceeded (light, blocking temperatures etc.). The shading will then extend. Compare the weather values shown on the display with the set values (parameters).
  • If there is a wind/rain alarm, the shading will not move (protection function).
Why does my shading extend during rain, and why does my window open?
  • The direction of rotation is probably set the wrong way round. Please change the direction of rotation in the menu.
Why does the drive of the shading extend it over the limit switch (maximum extension point)?
  • Let an electrician check the limit switch: it must be re-adjusted.
Why does my control system constantly indicate ‘rain’?
  • The rain sensor is probably dirty. Please carefully clean the gold-plated conductor loops on the weather station with a cloth soaked in water.

Older models of conservatory controls: WS100 / WS10L / WS10 / WS20 / WS1000

Why does my controller no longer have any function?
  • First have the fine-wire fuse checked by an electrical engineer. If the fine fuse is OK, a defect must be assumed.
  • Unfortunately, these older models can no longer be repaired. A successor controller can be installed by your electrician as a replacement (see brochure Successor sets).
Where can I find the battery type of my conservatory control?
  • The battery is built into the controller, where you will also find the battery type. Attention: The control unit may only be opened and the battery replaced by a qualified electrician.
  • The battery type is on the old battery, either SL340, CR2032 or M48T02-70PC1.
Where can I order a new battery for my conservatory control?
  • You can obtain a suitable battery, for example, from Conrad or Reichelt.