KNX Push-Buttons Make Home Automation Accessible Intuitively

KNX Push-Buttons Make Home Automation Intuitively Accessible

KNX eTR is a switch series for cost-conscious building projects

The controllers and push-buttons of the KNX eTR series are switch size and flexible in installation. The clear design language provides quick and easy access to building technology. The real glass surface is elegant, hygienic and durable at the same time.

Flexible mounting and intuitive user interface

The controllers and buttons can be installed on the wall with or without a switch box. The size is approximately 82 mm × 82 mm and has a mounting depth of approx. 12 mm, making it similar to a normal switch. The colours deep black RAL 9005 and signal white RAL 9003 match many current furnishing styles. A temperature sensor is integrated in all devices of the eTR series so that no further sensors need to be installed for room temperature control. 

All devices of the eTR series are supplied via the KNX bus voltage, therefore only the KNX TP cable is required for connection.

Temperature controller KNX eTR 101, 201 and 202

The individual feel-good temperature can be easily set with the heating controllers KNX eTR 101 and KNX eTR 201/202 Sunblind. The target temperature is displayed in illuminated digits and can be changed using the intuitively understandable “Plus” and “Minus” buttons.

In addition, the 201 and 202 models have up/down touch buttons for positioning sunblinds and darkening.

to Heating/Cooling Controller KNX eTR 101

to KNX eTR 201 and 202 Sunblind

Functions of the KNX eTR series:

PI control of heating and air conditioning

The temperature PI controller in the application can be used to control single- and two-stage heating and cooling systems, including combined systems with switchover between heating and cooling. The reference here is always the comparison between the measured actual temperature and the desired target temperature.

Practical extra: The area function

The double and four-gang versions of KNX eTR M and KNX eTR MultiTouch have an additional switching function when touching several fields. All you need to do is wipe over the button or briefly place your hand on it to trigger a scene or switch on the light, for example.

Push-buttons KNX eTR M

The touch buttons KNX eTR M1, M2 and M4 are flexibly programmable. For example as a light switch, for dimming, to move shading up and down or to call up scenes. With an integrated sensor, they unobtrusively detect the temperature on site.

to Touch Buttons KNX eTR M

Button KNX eTR MultiTouch Light/Sunblind

Printed icons show immediately that the KNX eTR MultiTouch push-button is used to adjust light, temperature and shading. An integrated sensor invisibly detects the room temperature.

to Button KNX eTR MultiTouch

Function overview eTR series

 KNX eTR 101KNX eTR 201 SunblindKNX eTR 202 SunblindKNX eTR M1KNX eTR M2KNX eTR M4KNX eTR MultiTouch Light/Sunblind
Temperature sensoryesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Temperature controlleryesyesyesyes
Light, switch or dimm manuallyyesyesyesyes
Shading (window), move manuallyyesyesyesyesyesyes
Temperature adjustmentyesyesyesyes
Scene recallyesyesyesyes
Send value to busyesyesyesyes