Room Temperature Controller – elegant in any room

Room Temperature Controller – elegant in any room News of 08/12/20

KNX eTR 101 now also available in black

The design colour black stands for extravagance, modernity and individuality. Whether reserved elegance or expressive living ambience – set accents with the KNX eTR 101 room temperature controller! With its timeless design, it ensures a comfortable temperature in living rooms, companies and hotels.

The controller measures the room temperature and displays the current value or the target temperature. With the touch buttons + and - the target value can be easily changed.

The KNX eTR 101 has a PI controller for heating and cooling, which can be used for single or two-stage systems.
The room temperature controller is mounted on the wall. Depending on requirements, it can be installed directly on the plaster or on an appliance box.

KNX eTR 101 in the Online Shop

N° 70650 KNX eTR 101, white
N° 70651 KNX eTR 101, black