Room Controller KNX VOC/TH-UP Touch against bad air

Room controller KNX VOC/TH-UP Touch against bad air News of 11/19/19

The room controller KNX VOC/TH-UP Touchmeasures temperature, relative and absolute humidity and also mixed gas, that means volatile organic compounds in the air. Via the KNX bus system, the room controller can receive measured values from other sensors in the room and process them with the own measured values to a room average value. 
An integrated ventilation controller ensures that the mixed gas concentration does not get too high. There also is a PI controller for heating and cooling, that adjusts room temperature based on the set target or basic target temperature. 

KNX VOC/TH-UP Touch has two touch buttons which can be used to change the room temperature, to switch between the operating modes or as freely programmable bus push buttons. The integrated display shows the own values or data received via the bus, such as date and time.


Item no. 70970 and 70973
Room Controller
with Sensors for Mixed Gas, Temperarure, Humidity 

pure white or jet black

The limit values for temperature, humidity and mixed gas can be set via parameters or communication objects. The KNX VOC/TH-UP Touch has 4 AND and 4 OR logic gates with 4 inputs each. 2 operating variable comparators give minimum, maximum or average values. 
The KNX VOC/TH-UP Touch can be installed in any switch programme with 55 mm frame. With its glass surface, it adapts elegantly to the interior design.

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