Develop covered outdoor areas

Develop covered outdoor areas News of 06/16/20

Radio modules for Elsner RF in new housing variant

Wireless is practical, especially in combination with a "plug and play" housing. With the Elsner RF radio plugs of the F-Con series, motors, lights, fans, two-stage heaters and much more can be integrated into Elsner control systems.

The radio plugs in the new housing are protected against dust and splash water (IP54) and are therefore suitable for outdoor installations on the terrace or in the garden.

The modules measure 147 mm × 49 mm × 32 mm and have time-saving STAK/STAS connections. 



Here you can find the wireless modules in the shop:

Radio motor control unit RF-MSG-ST — for shading or window drives

Radio Relay RF-Relais-ST  — for switching lights, single-stage heaters, pond pumps...

Radio heating module — RF-HE-ST for two-stage heaters

Radio dimmer — RF-L LED-ST for LED illuminants

Radio dimmer RF-L PWM-ST  — for LED lighting strips (control via pulse width modulation)

The existing, narrower housing form of the wireless module is still available. Both housing variants are price neutral.

F-Con wireless modules in the online shop

Did you know? With the radio modules and the Remo pro remote control, the building technology can be controlled directly by hand. No additional control system is required!