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New room temperature controllers of the Cala series News of 07/03/20

Extended models with sun protection buttons

With the temperature controllers Cala KNX T 101, Cala KNX T 201 Sunblind and Cala KNX T 202 Sunblind you can control heating and cooling in the KNX bus system intuitively at the touch of a finger. At the same time, you have the temperature in view. The two "Sunblind" models offer additional touch surfaces - for example for sun blind operation or other drives..

The room temperature controllers are installed in the switch system used in the building. All models are available for 55 mm switch frames and for the 60 mm frames that are widely used in Switzerland. With the colours pure white and jet black, they fit seamlessly into the interior design.

Cala KNX T 101 measures room temperature and displays the actual or setpoint value. Heating and cooling are controlled in one or two stages on the basis of the individually specified setpoint or basic setpoint temperature.

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In addition to temperature control, the Cala KNX T 201/202 Sunblind push-buttons offer touch-sensitive areas for manual operation of drives.
Cala KNX T 201 Sunblind has an operating area with 2 surfaces (up and down), whereby a distinction is made between short and long touch (step operation/self-retaining). This allows an optimal positioning of a slat blind. But the area can also be used for a roller shutter, an awning or a window. With Cala KNX T 202 Sunblind there are two such operating areas.
Depending on the setting, LEDs in the up and down fields give visual feedback when touched or are controlled via objects.
With the area function another function can be called up if several surfaces are touched at the same time or shortly after each other.

Cala KNX T 201/202 in the online shop 



In our online shop you will find further information, data sheets, manuals and KNX applications of Cala KNX T 101Cala KNX T 201 Sunblind and Cala KNX T 202 Sunblind, as well as an overview of all KNX room controllers and sensors.