Intelligent motor control units IMSG 230 compact and MSG1 compact

Intelligent motor control units News of 10/09/19

IMSG 230 compact und MSG1 compact

The new IMSG 230 compact and MSG1 compact motor control units forward central and manual operation commands to 230 V drives. This allows comfortable operation of shades or windows via local push-buttons. The devices convert a brief button press into a step command, a longer button press into a movement command to the end position.
At the same time, signals at the central input have priority, for example from a timer or from a controll system such as the Elsner Solexa IIWS1 Style or WS1000 Connect. In this way, drives react to central commands such as wind or rain alarm despite manual operation.

The motor control units differ in the voltage of the central input. Select the right device for your system:

Item no. 70453
Motor control unit
IMSG 230 compact


Central input up/down 230 V AC, modes dead man or self-holding
Local input 8...28 V DC with automatic time system for buttons, for unlocked push-buttons up/down

Item No. 70454
Motor control unit
MSG1  compact


Central input up/down 8...28 V, modes dead man or self-retaining
Local input 8...28 V DC with automatic time system for buttons, for unlocked push-buttons up/down
Disable inputs Local Down / Local Up / Central Down

The safety extra-low voltage 8...28 V DC (SELV) for the inputs is provided by the motor control unit.

The motor control units can be used to implement central, group and individual switching. The devices are called "compact" for a reason: they can be accommodated in any switch or device box. 

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