How to control your DALI lighting via KNX

How to control your DALI lighting via KNX News of 10/24/19

Actuator KNX DALI L4 bc 16 A

The KNX DALI L4 bc 16 A actuator is an interface between the KNX bus system and DALI lighting systems.
The rail-mounted device transmits KNX commands to the DALI lighting system, for example brightness, colour temperature and colour value (RGBW, HSV). Important lighting functions as night operation and staircase lighting with switch-off warning are set in the KNX application. 

With the 4 channels of KNX DALI L4 bc 16 A, 64 subscribers can be controlled via broadcast commands. The power supply to the participants can be interrupted with 4 switching outputs. Switch off instead of standby - and you will save energy in the long run!

Item no. 70580
KNX DALI L4 bc 16 A
KNX light controller

The 4 channels can also be switched or dimmed without KNX bus voltage. Integrated push-buttons make this possible.

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