Blind control with double limit switches

Blind control with double limit switches News of 10/18/19

The KNX S4-B12 DES and KNX S1R-B4-UP DES actuators are electronic control units for controlling motors with three limit switches, as used for blinds. Two separate down-commands are used to position the slats in operating position (limit switch down1) or closed position (down2). 

These actuators are particularly interesting for KNX projects in Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium: The KNX S4-B12 DES and the KNX S1R-B4-UP DES meet the country-specific requirements for shading as heat and glare protection. 

Item no. 70534
Actuator for 4 blind motor

The KNX S4-B12 DES actuator can be used to control four 230 V motors with 3 limit switches. The rail-mounted device has 4 pairs of keys for commissioning and an integrated status LEDs. 12 binary inputs allow the connection of push-buttons and auxiliary contacts.

Item no.70536 
Actuator for 1 blind motor

The KNX S1R-B4-UP DES controls a drive with 3 limit switches. It is stowed in a junction box or other cavity. The compact device has 4 digital inputs.

An internal shading automation with slat tracking is available for each blind output. Interlocks, priority settings and scene memories round off the setting options.

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