Testing of KNX Devices

Elsner Elektronik is certified according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and thus authorized to carry out KNX interworking and functional tests.

The test of the KNX application software is the basis of the certification of a device with the KNX Association.

The KNX test laboratory works independently from the producer; so any producer of KNX devices can have the products tested here. In order to make a cost-optimized test possible, Elsner Elektronik offers various forms of cooperation. You can lower the costs through rendering various preliminary services for various stages in the testing laboratory, for example making available necessary equipment. Of course Elsner Elektronik would be glad to take over all services for you which are associated with the KNX test.

Interested in testing your product? Then download the inquiry form, so that we can generate an no-commitment offer for you.

Contact KNX Test Lab:


+49 (0) 70 33 / 30 945-0

Inquiry form (pdf) Inquiry form (pdf)

ISO 17025 Audits:

Accreditation January 2009 successful
(registration certificate no. 1/7/08M, audit report no. A3/6/2/08)

Re-Accreditation Jan. 2015 successful
(audit report no. A3/6/1/15)

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