New brochure: Room Controllers and Push Buttons for KNX

eTR series, Cala series and Corlo series News vom 03/11/20

The light + building in Frankfurt will now take place in autumn from 27.09. to 02.10.2020. But anyone who is impatient can take the new brochure "Room controllers and push buttons for KNX" and already get an impression of the innovations in this area:

Room controller brochure as PDF 

The brochure shows the switch series eTR, Cala and Corlo with all models and pictures in original size. With this variety of touch displays, temperature controllers and glass buttons, there is something for every budget and project!

You can download the new folder and other brochures here at any time. 

Here is a short overview of the series: 

The available models can be found in our Online Shop

With the KNX eTR series, cost-conscious building control is possible. The temperature controllers and push buttons match many equipment trends, can be installed flexibly with or without a switch box and have an integrated sensor for unobtrusive temperature detection. The new models of the eTR KNX series are available from quarter III/20.

The room controllers, sensors and push-buttons of the Cala KNX series fit into the standard switch ranges (55 mm or Swiss 60 mm). Simple real glass surfaces and the colours deep black or pure white can be combined perfectly.

The premium version of the room controllers is the Corlo KNX series. This is where chrome comes into play - or matt lacquer finishes as an antipole to the glass surfaces. Corlo operating displays, push buttons and sockets are mounted in their own frames, which are available as single, double or triple versions. Building automation with a unique style!