Photovoltaic system

Solar power for Elsner Elektronik Photovoltaic modules provide energy for Elsner Elektronik production, development and administration

308 modules – each with a peak power of 320 Wp – were recently installed on the roof of the Elsner building. The energy yield is distributed throughout the day in an east-west direction, delivering the full energy requirement for production and administration. The exposed location also ensures the best possible solar harvest.

Green energy is directed to an on-site storage battery system with a usable capacity of 74.7 kWh. Excess solar energy is stored for later use. Once the storage battery is full, the energy is fed into the network. 
The storage battery ensures the company has its “own” power available at night – for the operation of IT equipment, for example. It also means the company is independent from the network. If the network fails, the system switches to isolation operation, and continues to supply power to the company.

Figures show that in the summer, the system provides significantly more power than Elsner Elektronik consumes. In the winter too, and in the longer term, a large proportion of Elsner products will therefore be manufactured using environmentally-friendly solar power.

Resource conservation and building technology

Even in its own products, the careful use of resources is a key issue for Elsner Elektronik. Building automation aims to ensure the safe, comfortable and energy-optimised operation of buildings, and the Elsner Elektronik building is a perfect example of this - especially its ambient climate control. Comfort and energy-savings are combined, with automatic shading of the large window façades playing an essential role. In the summer, the blinds protect against overheating. In winter, the sunlight heats the building at no cost, until the desired room temperature is reached. The solar system is thus just one of the building blocks in the effort to reduce energy demand and supply power in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.