Excellent Design

Elsner Elektronik brings together completed shape and intelligent function

Functionality and design are two aspects of a product that, in our opinion, deserve equal consideration. Elsner products have an excellent reputation with planners and engineers for their mature, intelligent control systems. Our sensors, control components and actuators are characterised by their multiple setting and thereby adaptation options.

FormBut a building user or occupant daily experiences not only functionality, but also design. Design also invariably includes a strong emotional aspect. Shape, surfaces and materials play a key role, especially with control systems inside a building. However, the shape must also be consistent with its exterior.

The numerous prizes with which our products have been recognised show that Elsner Elektronik is on the right track. For our customers, nominations and design prizes are a clear indication that with Elsner equipment, they are making the right choice. 

UsabilityFor Elsner Elektronik, design also means offering practical products. This includes, for example, touch-product control panels, which have been designed according to evolutionary and biological discoveries. Integrated mountings and the use of plug-in terminals on the other hand are details that simplify work for the installation engineer.

iF World Design Index

Elsner Elektronik is among the "Top 25" of the iF World Design Index in the Building Technology sector for the years 2015-2019.

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