Charging station for electric vehicles

Charge your electric vehicle at Elsner Elektronik!

Elsner Elektronik GmbH opertes a charging station for electric vehicles, which also is available to the public. The demand for electric mobility is growing.

Currently, about 34,000 electric cars are used in Germany (source: Federal Motor Vehicle Transport Authority, July 2017). One of these is an Elsner company car that is used for business trips by employees. 

The charging station is not only available to the companies from the Sohlengrund industrial estate in Ostelheim. People living in this area and travellers who would like to stop by in the tranquil town of Ostelsheim are also looking to actively use it.

Charge vehicles

The charging station has two type-2 connections for charging electric vehicles. Electric vehiclese-bikes and e-scooters can be charged via so-called RFID cards that are held against the card reader at the charging pole in order to activate the charging process. Or via phone permission where a specific number is called. The instructions can be found on the station.

Depending on the vehicle type and its charge level, charging takes 45 to 120 minutes.

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Proper use of the waiting time

Why don't you use the waiting time during the charging process for a walking tour? There are great field and forest paths where you can find rest and relaxation in the nature. After an expanded walk and a stopover in nature, you can carry on driving refreshed. 

The "Gold city tour" on the old "oxen street" leads you through the town centre to the other side of the parish towards Althengstett. Pass by Althengstett and make a turn to the left towards the industrial estate Sohlengrund where Elsner Elektronik is located. The tour takes about 2 hours with a distance of approx. 8 km. In the town centre you can make a short stop in one of the restaurants or get an ice cream as a refreshment from the ice cream parlour. Across the street at the bakery, you can buy fresh sandwiches or cake and coffee to go. If you like to you can also make a short stop at the Protestant Church and have a look at the beautiful paintings in the gallery. If you return to your car, it is fully charged and ready to get going. Walking route


If you would like to walk a little bit longer, you should do the "Tour to the Venusberg". Via Ostelsheim you pass Dätzingen and walk in direction to Aidlingen to the Venusberg. The walk takes around 3,5 hours with a distance of aprrox. 11 km. Walking route

Another hiking route is located between Ostelsheim and Schafhausen. Instead of turning left towards Althengstett you turn right and walk towards Schafhausen via the "Hacksberg"and through the "Steckental", mostly through the forest. The route is around 10 km long and takes approx. 2,75 hoursWalking route