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Building Automation

Elsner Elektronik has been specialised in control systems and sensors for buildings since 1990. Building technology makes public and commercial buildings intelligent and converts residential properties into SMART HOMES.

All products of Elsner are developed and manufactured at the company headquarters in Ostelsheim. Highly qualified staff and advanced technology guarantee for a continuously high quality standard. Elsner Elektronik offers complete systems for the control of the ambient climate in buildings as well as individual components for different data interfaces (KNX, RS485, Modbus). Central operating devices, weather and indoor sensors, actuators or system devices – All products combine flexible technical solutions, comfortable operation and a forwardlooking design.

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Elsner Elektronik on site in Ostelsheim

Automation in the company building

Elsner company building with user-oriented building technology

Solar Power from the Rooftop

Photovoltaic modules provide energy for production, development and administration

Charging electric vehicles

Recharge your electric vehicle at Elsner Elektronik in the "Sohlengrund" industrial estate!

Social commitment wordwide

Elsner Elektronik supports projects and initiatives at regional and international level